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What are Worldz?

Worldz are your 3D modeling environment and everything you choose to place in it. You can easily post your Worldz on the Think Like A Genius website for others to see and explore.

What Are Thingz?

Thingz are any object or group of objects that you include in your 3D environment such as trucks, buildings, airplanes, animals, etc. You can choose to save a Thing in your world by first grouping it and then exporting it. You can easily post Thingz on the Think Like A Genius website for others to see and use in their models.

How do I best view the Member Website?

The Member Website is best viewed at a screen resolution setting of 800 X 600 or greater in Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

How do I upload Worldz or Thingz?

Click on "Upload File" link in the upper right hand corner of any page on the Member Website.
Note, you must be logged in to see and access the "Upload File" link.

How do I explore other people’s Worldz or Thingz?

Click on the "Download File" link located under each snapshot on an individual Worldz or Thingz page. You will be able to download the file to any desired location on your computer.

For Worldz, you can open, explore and modify the file in the Think Like a Genius v2.0 software program by using the "Open" command found under the system button. For Thingz, you can import, explore and modify the file in the program by using the "Import" command found under the system button in the Think Like a Genius v2.0 software program.

How do I use the Search function?

Click the "Gallery" link on the Member Website main navigation bar. Select which of the areas you would like to search: Worldz, Thingz, Groups or Members. You can select more than one area at a time. Enter a keyword and click "Search". The search results will be listed below. If you do not enter a keyword it will list all items from the area you selected.

How do I create the snapshot of my Worldz or Thingz to post on the Member Website?

When you upload Worldz or Thingz to the Member Website a snapshot is automatically created for you. The specific snapshot of the World or Thing that is uploaded is taken from the frame you are on the moment you save the Worldz or Thingz.

What is the difference between Public and Private groups?

The content in Public Groups can be viewed and downloaded by any website visitor. A Public Group can be joined by any registered user of the Member Website. Members of Public Groups may add Worldz or Thingz to any of the Public Groups they join.

Only select information about Private Groups can be viewed by non-group members and general website visitors. In order to join a Private Group, an individual must be a registered user of the Member Website and must enter a password provided by the group administrator. Once a member of a Private Group, the user can view all Worldz, Thingz, and other data associated with that group.

What is a set?

Sets are ways in which you can organize your Worldz and Thingz. Sets allow you to place Worldz and Thingz into categories defined by you. For example, if you have Worldz and Thingz related to airplanes, you can choose to create a Set called "airplanes".

To create a Set, go to your profile and click "Sets" and then click "Add Set" to create the Set and add a title and description. You can also include a jpg image that describes the Set. To add Worldz and Thingz to your Set, select the Set, click "Edit Info" and then click on the boxes next to the Woldz and Thingz you would like to add to your Set.